The app is a full cooking companion that allows customers to manage their subscriptions, follow recipes with custom timers in the kitchen and when the meal is complete take photos with Blue Apron branded stickers.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is one of the most recognizable names in subscription delivery meal-kits. Their recipes and perfectly measured ingredients enable home chefs to make amazing meals. We worked with the Blue Apron product and technology teams to design an iPhone app that allows home chefs to engage with the brand in new ways.


Our Role

Customer research
Competitive landscape analysis
Feature scoping
User experience design
Visual design
Development support

We designed a mobile friendly shopping experience that included personalized shops, box management & merchandised product listing pages.

Understanding the at-home chef

We started the project by visiting the kitchens of Blue Apron subscribers. We wanted to learn how they use the Blue Apron service, what they value in the service, and how a mobile device could earn its place on their countertops. We discovered that cooking with Blue Apron was a bonding activity between couples. It’s also an accomplishment they shared with friends; some chefs would photograph their masterpieces before eating. After the meal was finished, they saved their favorite recipe cards to cook again. Most chefs loved cooking with Blue Apron but didn’t like the clutter of the cards and the time required to stay on top of their subscription and deliveries.

Navigation and content explorations for members and non-members.

A well-planned meal

We identified 3 modes of a Blue Apron customer: planning, cooking, and sharing. This framework provided the structure for the app. We designed easy ways to preview upcoming meals and save recipes for the future. When cooking, chefs can follow the recipe one step at a time in a focused experience. Finally, we designed a calendar and subscription management tools so chefs can always feel in control of their deliveries.

Explorations on step-by-step cooking instructions pre-meal and while cooking.

Explorations on step-by-step cooking instructions pre-meal and while cooking.

Custom UI for a strong brand

Working with the existing brand guidelines, we built an app-specific UI pattern library and transition guidelines. We wanted the design to be usable in the heat of the kitchen, so we prioritized legible type and easy to access tap targets. We drew custom icons for the navigation. The result is a beautiful, and easy to use app.