Since 2012, Everyday Industries has partnered with businesses across industries and locations to design and bring to market new digital services and products. Our customer-centric approach drives business value and shapes new service and product opportunities.


Our design approach


We strongly believe the best services and products are grounded in insights from customers. Without understanding customer behaviors and needs, we are missing a critical piece of the puzzle.


There are no berets and capes allowed here. Great services and products come out of true collaboration between design, technology and business. It takes a whole team to make this work. 


Let's explore design solutions and learn from them. When working with us, you'll find we like to prototype and test early and often so we can learn and improve.


Core capabilities

Design Research

Understanding your customer and the competitive landscape are some of our most powerful tools. Research insights lay the groundwork for services and products that customers will love.

  • Customer Research
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Stakeholder Research
  • Secondary Market & Trend Research
  • Usability Testing
  • User Session Analysis


Product Strategy

Our strategic approach to design ensures that we are solution-oriented, uncovering opportunities that will resonate with your customers. We work together to create an actionable plan that drives value for both your customers and your business.

  • Problem Framing
  • Roadmap Planning
  • Feature Scoping
  • Content Strategy
  • Experience Mapping
  • Service Strategy


Digital Product Design

We work closely with your product, development and brand teams to design experiences that deliver on the product vision. We’ll sketch, test and fine-tune the design together to bring the right product to market.

  • Product Co-creation
  • Rapid Concepting
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface and Visual Design
  • Design System Creation
  • Service & Digital Prototyping