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goop has given definition to the modern lifestyle brand through its distinctive voice and powerful point of view. Knowing there was an opportunity to expand on the well-loved travel app, their team partnered with us to uncover how goop can better engage readers. We started by conducting a research study with goop customers to learn how the brand fits uniquely into their lives, as well as the ins and outs of their travel behaviors. These insights set the foundation for a personalized travel app experience.


Our Role

Customer survey
Diary study
One-on-one interviews
Product discovery workshop
UX design
User Interface design
Development support


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Discovering the app opportunity

Since 2008, goop has accumulated a vast catalogue of valuable lifestyle resources for its readers. Readers return to goop consistently to be inspired with the latest in style, travel, wellness, recipes and more. To determine the app direction, we wanted to learn what would be most valuable in an app by understanding how users incorporate goop into their daily lives.

We first surveyed readers about how they engage with goop - which types of content resonated with them, how and when they consumed content, and goop’s broader influence in their lives. From the responses, we selected individuals to talk with us more in-depth about their lifestyles and personal goals, as related to different goop offerings. From these interviews, we heard first-hand the trust that readers put in goop to curate the best experiences across travel with style, food and wellness in a way that resonates with them. They shared their specific habits and priorities in how they travel, whether they were scheduled planners or more in-the-moment explorers.

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Designing the ideal travel companion

Starting with the MVP, we focused on updating the UI and creating a flexible system that can grow into the full product vision. The first phase includes an improved navigation, integrated maps and a platform for releasing new content. We are continuing to work together with the product and engineering teams to design and develop a personalized goop travel experience, inspired by the different travel modes and preferences of our participants. The result is a focused app experience that is true to the goop brand and sets the stage for continued feature releases.

The app features destinations with in-depth city guides and place recommendations.

The app features destinations with in-depth city guides and place recommendations.