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Nara Baby

When parents bring their newborn home, tracking their baby’s activities such as diapers, feedings and sleep can keep them anchored in a very new (and sleep deprived) time of life. Being a recent parent, Esther (the CEO of Nara) saw that the landscape of baby tracking apps was grim - overly complex, UI-heavy and a pain to use. She reached out to Everyday to help create a simple app to support parents in creating a comforting and predictable routine for their little one.


Our Role

Consumer interviews
Product strategy
UX design
User interface design
Visual design
Development support


Nara Baby app, App Store
Nara Baby app, Google Play

A simple card based interface with large type makes recording and retrieving information easy for tired parents.

Tracking needs are always changing

We started the project with research to learn how and why parents track their baby’s data. Through talking with new moms, we discovered themes that guided the design.

  1. Tracking needs change over time, but they are focused on today. What a parent tracks early on (feedings & diapers) might take a backseat to other activities later in their tracking journey (sleep). 

  2. Tracking their baby’s data can be a grounding activity. The act of being engaged gives them peace of mind.

  3. Data is an ongoing reference. They are going back to the data consistently to find patterns and make informed decisions for their baby.

“He’s taught me how to be an observer. I use the data to reflect on how can I do tomorrow differently?”

-Mom of a 5-month old

The interviews provided a contextual picture of how and why parents’ track baby activities.

Design for utmost simplicity

Keeping our target parent in mind, we chose a single screen design with a layered card metaphor. The layered cards allow the user to quickly and easily enter and retrieve multiple types of data while never leaving the activity tab. We chose to focus the app’s activity tab on “today” and what the parent or caregiver needs to know in the moment. The most recent data entry is always visible allowing parents to easily see how long it’s been since their baby slept, or when they last had a diaper change.

Knowing that tracking priorities change as the baby grows, the categories of data can be turned on or off at anytime to allow parents the flexibility to adjust the app to their needs. As childcare can be a shared activity, we designed the app for multiple users so all caregivers can stay connected whether they use an Android or Apple device.

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An evolving app for the modern parent

Since the release in early 2019, the Nara Baby app has experienced a high retention rate and an impressive average daily engagement of 20 minutes. It has a 5-star rating on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores. We continue to work closely with the Nara team to design new features based on ongoing customer feedback and research.

“I've tried all the other apps for monitoring vital, fundamental baby things and this is SO much better. I can't believe it took this long for someone to build a world class app. This sleek baby app makes it much easier for newborn parents to track daily feedings, sleep, and more!”

-Alexis Ohani, co-founder Reddit